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Welcome to Brown Feather, the leading school for primitive archery In Israel!

Brown Feather is a local business run by me (Omri Matzliach).
I am an experienced outdoorsman, have experience in primitive living skills since 2008 and experience in primitive archery since 2017.
During a winter expedition in north-east US in 2019, I got an insight to return back to Israel and open a primitive archery school.

After I got back to Israel, I founded Brown Feather (2019), with the aim of spreading the skill and knowledge of primitive archery in Israel and building a community around the skill.

Nowadays, I run the Primitive Archery Course, which is my 10 weekends long flagship course, along with several shorter speciality courses such as Sinew Backing Basics and Spear Thrower Making With Stone Tools. As the years passes on, I plan to widen the diversity and speciality of the courses.

As of 2023, during the span of four years, dozens of students have passed through me, whether in my private courses and whether in other instructional settings.

Other than teaching others the skill of making the bow and arrow, my learning process never ends and I always try new designs and new techniques.

Aside from that, another service I offer is making custom made archery tackle: bows, arrows, quivers, etc.  You can take a look at the gear I have made in the custom made gear section and contact me for custom orders.

As the business deepens its roots in the ground, I plan to offer my courses to people outside of Israel.

In the future, the whole website will also be in English verison.

Feel free to contact me with any question at:


Kind regards,


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